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Official webzen mu online server will be updated to Season 14 Episode 2!

Awake the Strenght withing the Abyss!

New updates on S14Ep2, Event Period: 04/02/2020 ~ 18/02/2020 

Level Cap increased

The maximum level has been expanded to 1150. Upon reaching level 1100, a special Muun can be ontained.

Monster Soul Changer

You can earn more rewards just through farming! By purchasing the Monster Soul Changer from Ruud Shop, you can fill it up with monster souls when slaying monsters. Fill the Soul Changer with monster souls to a certain amount and you can exchange it for various rewards.

Rune Mage Master Weapon

Rune Mage’s New Mastery 4th Weapon & 5th Armor is added. Meet the more empowered Rune Mage with the Soul Rune Mace & Blue Eye Armor!

New map Atlantis of The Abyss

New Field the Atlantis of the Abyss will be added for players over 1,000 level to enjoy. Atlantis of the Abyss is composed of 3 Levels that are filled with elemental monsters and new elite monsters.

Mastery accessories, Ancestral Earings

New Mastery Accessory the Earring of the Ancestor has been added. Obtain the power of the Earring of the Ancestor by upgrading the Earring of Rage!





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