Tormented Square (Battle)

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Tormented Square (Battle) is an added event on the Battle Core server. All characters participating in the Tormented Square (Battle) can gain high Experience on the Normal server and also have the opportunity to obtain items of great value according to their luck in the Chaos Goblin.

1. How to enter Tormented Square (Battle)

Login to the Battle Core Server

Tormented Square takes place on the central BATTLE CORE server.
First you have to request admission to the central BATTLE CORE server.

We mark the Banner Battle Core
We select the Queuing Battle Core Option.
We select the Queuing Battle Core Option.
We exit the Normal Server
We select the Battle Core Server
smell: # 808080; ">
We enter the ID and PASS and select the Character

Entrance to Tormented Square (Battle)

NPC Levine
Battle Core (58, 67), (67, 58), (67, 46)

- Characters can enter the Tormented Square (Battle) through the NPC Levine which is located at coordinates
(58, 67), (67, 58), (67, 46)
- Within the Tormented Square (Battle) a single player can enter up to a maximum of 5 players within a party.
- All characters that enter as a party are recognized as a team.
- Party registration is disabled within the event.
- Party members will be transported when the party master client closes.

2. Income level

Tormented square
Character Level
Level 1
200 ~ 400
Level 2
401 ~ 500
Level 3
501 ~ 650
Level 4
651 ~ 750

- There are 4 levels of entry to Tormented Square (Battle)
- The party must be formed with characters of similar level to enter the event.

3. Start of Tormented Square (Battle)


- The Tormented Square (Battle) can only proceed if it has a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 20.
- There are 6 Rounds in the Tormented Square (Battle) the duration of each round is 2 minutes.
- In each round appear normal monsters and golden monsters, users can get more pointsby killing the golden monsters.
- Normal monsters respawn constantly, but only 10 golden monsters appear per round.
- Characters can get more points from monsters for each round.
- The ranking of the Tormented Square (Battle) is decided by the points accumulated by hunting monsters in each round.
- The objective of Tormented Square (Battle) is the fight for ranking and survival at the end of the event.


4. Tormented Square process

Wait Time (1 Minute)
Time to start the event.
ROUND1 General (2 Minutes)
ROUND1 Battle - 200 Normal Monsters / 10 Monster Golden
Wait Time (10 Seconds)
After ROUND1 there is a 10 second timeout.
ROUND2 General (2 Minutes)
ROUND2 Battle - 200 Normal Monsters / 10 Monster Golden
Wait Time (10 Seconds)
After ROUND2 there is a 10 second timeout.
ROUND3 General (2 Minutes)
ROUND3 Battle - 200 Normal Monsters / 10 Monster Golden
Wait Time (10 Seconds)
After ROUND3 there is a 10 second timeout.
ROUND4 General (2 Minutes)
ROUND4 Battle - 200 Normal Monsters / 10 Monster Golden
Wait Time (10 Seconds)
After ROUND4 there is a 10 second timeout.
ROUND5 BOSS (2 Minutes)
ROUND5 Battle - 20 BOSS Monsters / 10 Monster Golden
Wait Time (20 Seconds)
After ROUND5 there is a 20 second timeout.
ROUND6General (2 Minutes)
ROUND6 Battle - 200 Normal Monsters / 10 Monster Golden
Wait Time (30 Seconds)
After ROUND15 there is a 30 second wait time to finish the event.

1). Tormented Square has 6 ROUNDs, each of which lasts 2 minutes and the waiting times are 10 and 20 seconds.

2). At the end of each ROUND the monsters will disappear and the monsters of the next ROUND will appear.

3). Monsters will appear constantly in each round according to the number assigned by ROUND.

5. Monsters

Level Tormented Square
Tormented Square 1
Round 1
Blade hunter
Golden goblin
Round 2
Death king
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Shadow pawn
Round 6
Venomous Chain Scorpion
Tormented square 2
Round 1
Shadow knight
Golden titan
Round 2
Bone Scorpion
Round 3
Shadow Look
Round 4
Orcus >
Round 5
Round 6
Tormented square 3
Round 1
Golden tantalose
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Bloody Death Rider
Round 5
Twin Tale
Round 6
Bloody Witch Queen
Tormented Square 4
Round 1
Golden Erohim
Round 2
Berserker warrior
Round 3
Kentauros Warrior
Round 4
Gigantis Warrior
Round 5
Round 6

6. Hours

Battle Core (Daily)
21:00 (UTC)
22:30 (UTC)

7. Earning Points

- The points obtained in the monster hunt depends on the number of party members where you are.
- The points obtained by hunting monsters are getting lower, since there are more myembros within the party (1 Player> 2 Players> 3 Players> 4 Players> 5 Players), but the end points can be much higher when each party member does their job with great success.
- The number of party members is checked when entering and is maintained despite teleporting to the city, after being killed by a monster or due to loss of connection during the event.

1 Player
2 Party Members
3 Party Members
4 Party Members
5 Party Members
Points earned for killing a monster
Points earned when everyone does their job successfully

8. Rewards

-The last surviving character of the Tormented Square (Battle) can receive as a reward the (Exp Potion)
-All characters who participated in the Tormented Square (Battle) and survived until the end can receive Exp Potion depending on the final Ranking.
-The amount of experience increases as teams enter the event.
-The reward is only given to characters who survived the end and are normally teleported to Loren Market after the end of the event.

Exp Potion </ span>

Tormented square
Minimum of Experience
Maximum Experience
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

-The reward will be paid through the 'Gremory Case (K)' within the normal server.

9. Chaos Goblin

- Ferris wheel NPC "Chaos Goblin" appears once in the 3rd and 6th rounds of Tormented Square (Battle)
- The Chaos Goblin carries luxury items, so you can acquire valuable items by hunting it.

Chaos Goblin Characteristics

- The Goblin chaos takes "1" damage for each attack received and has 255 HP.
- The Chaos Goblin drops a "Goblin Box" on the ground after having consumed all his HP and the character that gave him the last hit will have the right to collect the reward.
- The Chaos Goblin can teleport multiple times.
(The item will be removed if the game client is closed after the acquisition of the "Goblin Box")

Item Drop

Box Goblin
Jewel of Bless Bundle (10-30)
Jewel of Soul Bundle (10-30)
Jewel of Life Bundle (10-30)
Set Item

NOTE: The higher the level of the Tormented Square there will be more chances of obtaining a Bundle Jewels 30

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