Doppelganger Event (Season 5)

2020-11-29 15:10:32
The New Doppelganger Event takes place on the Doppleganger Map.

Map structure
The Doppleganger Map is Divided into 4 Zones.




Forms of Entrance to the Event
In order to enter, it is not necessary to have a minimum Level, the event takes place at any time according to the Character's requirement and you can enter as many times as you wish in a day. 

Income levels

NOTE: You can enter a minimum of 1 character and a maximum of 5 characters being in party and when entering the event in party they will be taken to the level of the character with the highest Level (including Master Level).
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deference in giving me this information.

Item necessary for the Income

Mirror of Dimensions
Used to enter the Doppelganger event.

How to Create

In order to create a Mirror of Dimensions you need 5 Sing of Dimensions.

Sing of Dimensions
Drop on Monsters from Level 32 onwards.
Collecting 5 Sing of Dimensions will automatically create the Mirror of Dimensions.


In order to enter the event you have to present the ticket to the NPC Rugard located in Elbeland (49, 216) and it will automatically configure the difficulty according to your Level.

Doppelganger Event Entry Message

Event Monsters
They appear randomly in any Zone.

Doppleganger Knight
Doppleganger Magic
Doppleganger Wizard
Doppleganger Summoner


Doppleganger Elf
Doppleganger Lord

Event Boss
There are 3 Boss that appear in the event and you have to kill them to complete the event.

Ice walker


Furios slaughterer

Event Time

The Event lasts 10 minutes
General Combat:

Upon entering, it will take you randomly to an area to start the event, monsters will constantly appear.
Main Combat

The Main Combat Consists of Killing the 3 Boss that will come out in any Zone and not letting them pass the portal.

Within the event there is a mission to look for the Boss IceWalker if you cannot kill them within minutes the strongest monsters will appear.

If you manage to Kill the 3 Boss you will be awarded Interim Reward Chest.

Interim Reward Chest

If you manage to finish the event you will be awarded Final Reward Chest

Final Reward Chest

When you Kill a Boss 3 Reward Chest they are given to you, you can choose one.
Sometimes instead of rewards you can have the Larva hidden inside the Reward Chest.


Event Interface

Shows the number of monsters that have passed the portal and the Time Remaining to end the event.
Shows the Location of the Boss Ice Walker.
Shows the distance between the starting point and the monster point.
The triangle indicates the location of the current character.
The Blue Triangle shows your location.
The Black Triangle is the position of the members of your party.
The yellow line shows the distance between the monsters.
Depending on whether monsters pass to the portal, the colors may vary to
Yellow, Orange and Red.



Do not miss more than 3 monsters and survive the Event.

Upon dying in the Event or having missed more than 3 monsters.


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