Maze of Dimensions (S12 EP1)

2020-11-29 15:18:04

1. Introduction

- New Maze of Dimensions event map has been added.

- The maze has been created by Elena, Descendant of Etramu. Damaged by the Kundun, the dimension locus is incomplete.

- From the Maze of Dimensions, you can get Ruud Coin and Jewels of Bless as rewards.

2. Event Map Information

1) Basic Information

- Maze of Dimensions is an event map, only available for a limited time.

Event Map Name
Level requirement
Entry Limitation
Maze of Dimensions
Master Level
Individual Entry (You cannot enter Party)
Every Thursday the Maze of Dimensions Reboots

3. How to Play Maze of Dimensions

1) Maze of Dimensions Login

- You can enter the maze through 'Dimensional Gate' in Event Map Square (236, 58).
- Individual Entry and you cannot enter Party.

2) Play the Maze of Dimensions

- The Maze of Dimensions has all separate areas, and can only be moved between areas through portals.

- In some areas you cannot see a visible portal.
In these areas, you need to complete a mission to create a portal.

- The Maze of Dimensions consists of 7 Floors.

- It starts from the 1st floor, and can move to the next floor after finishing the current floor.

- Find the exit, complete all the required missions to finish the stages.

- There are rewards for finishing each floor.

3) Types of Mysterious Areas (Floor 1 ~ 7)

- Inside the El Maze of Dimensions, there are several separate areas on each Floor.

Area Type
- It is the first entry when entering the Maze of Dimensions.
- There will be a Portal to move to another area
- It is an area where no monsters appear.
- There is a Portal to move to another area
- 4-8 monsters appear and constantly regenerate.
- You will be given 1 mission upon entering.
- You must complete the assigned mission to create a Portal to move to another area
- If you log in again after completing the mission, the mission will not be granted again.
Get out
- It is an arena where you have to enter to finish the Floor.
- 4 to 8 monsters appear and are constantly regenerating.
- You will be given 5 missions upon entering.
- After completing all the assigned missions, the Maze of Dimensions is finished.

Example of Labyrinth Areas

4) Type of Missions

- When entering a mysterious area you can enter a free passage area or a mission area, it is necessary to complete the mission to open the portal.

Mission Name
Mission Conditions
Reach objective monster kill counts
Kill the required number of monsters
Collect objective Zen
Collect the required Zen
Reach accumulative DMG dealt
Reach the required cumulative die damage
Reach objective EXP gained
Reach the required cumulative Exp
Reach accumulative DMG received
Reach the required accumulated Damage taken
Reach objective helper usage time (min)
Use the Mu Helper for the required time
Eliminate monsters without HP recovery items
Without using HP potions kill the required monsters
Eliminate monsters without MP recovery items
Without using mana potions kill the required monsters

5) Maze of Dimensions configuration

- Mini-map (Tab key) is available in the Maze of Dimensions.

- Only the entrance, exit and areas that have been visited will be shown on the mini-map.

- Monsters that appear in the Maze of Dimensions will only drop Zen

- You can exit the Maze of Dimensions at any time with re-entry or the move command (M). Your progress will be saved and you can continue playing if you re-enter the Maze of Dimensions.

- Upon entering the Maze of Dimensions again, the character will start at the entrance of the Maze of Dimensions.

- In Maze of Dimensions, Town Portal Scroll cannot be used.

6) Maze of Dimensions rewards

- There are rewards for finishing each Floor.

- The amount of rewards are different depending on the number of floors.

- The higher the Floor, the more rewards you will get.

Additional Rewards
1st floor
150 Ruud
2nd floor
200 Ruud
Jewel of Bless
3rd floor
450 Ruud
Jewel of Bless
Floor 4
800 Ruud
Jewel of Bless
5th floor
1550 Ruud
Jewel of Bless
Floor 6
1850 Ruud
Jewel of Bless
Floor 7
2000 Ruud
Jewel of Bless

- The rewards will be delivered in the Gremory Case (Storage Period: 7 Days)

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