Balls y Cows

2021-07-03 08:42:35

1. Purpose of the game

- The objective is to obtain the highest score by doing the greatest number of Strike and Balls.

2. How to play

1) Card Piece

- through hunting you can collect the Card Piece.

- Card Pieces can be collected automatically through the Mu Helper by checking the "Event Items" box.

- Card Pieces can be found in the event inventory.

- By collecting 24 Card Piece a Card Deck will be created and the game can be started.

Card Piece
Card Deck

2) Click on the banner

- Click on the Jeweldry Bingo Banner to open the game.

- If you have a Card Deck you can start the game by clicking on the "Start Game" button.

3) Rules of the Game

- Players must correctly guess the 3 hidden numbers

- Players must guess the numbers and their positions correctly.

- The numbers consist of 0 ~ 9 and each number is selected once.

- If the number and position are correct, it is a strike (S).

- If only the number is correct, it is a ball (B)


If the sequence of hidden numbers is 123

If you select 102 it would be (1S) (1B)

If you select 124 it would be (2S)

If no number is correct, it is an output (OUT)

4) How to play

- Click on 3 numbers from 0 ~ 9

- The numbers you select cannot be changed.

- By clicking on 3 numbers, you will get a score (S), (B), (OUT)

- Players have 5 attempts and get a reward according to their final score.

5) Score calculation

- Strike: x40

- Ball: x10

- 3S: I correctly guess all the hidden numbers and their positions and the mini game will end.

A. I guess correctly on the first try: 600 Points

B. I guess correctly on the second try: 500 Points

C. Guess correctly on the third try: 400 Points

D. I guess correctly on the fourth try: 320 Points

E. Guess correctly on the fifth try: 285 Points

450 Points or more
High Box
300 Points or more
Medium Box
Less than 300 Points
Lower Box

6) Claim reward

- The Reward Box is delivered automatically at the end of the game in the Gremory Case.

- The reward can be claimed for 1 day.

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