Changes Season 15 EP2-2

2020-11-29 15:21:04

1. Improved character selection

- On the character selection screen you can change the order by clicking on the arrows on the right side of the character.


- The position of the character can move freely, but cannot move beyond an empty space of the character.

2. Improved in-game display

1) The color of the HP bar of the character and the party members is changed so that it is different from the color of the monster's HP bar.


- The color of the character's HP bar is changed to Green.

2) The Repair, Division and Disassembly icons are changed.

- The icon has been changed so that the cursor position can be displayed more clearly.

3. Improved Lucky System

- The refinement of Lucky Items has been changed

Use Existing Change
Item Lucky Refining Right Mouse Click Decomposition button
Equip Lucky Item Drag and Drop Right Click and Drag and Drop

- Added the overlay feature in the Jewel of Extension, a maximum of (10) Jewel of Extension can now be overlapped

4. Improved Mu Helper

1) When using the Mu Helper, it is improved so that the character that dies returns to its original position

- If another character is standing at the same point where the character started the Mu Helper, it will move to the side of it.

2) The Pet Guardian auto repair function is added

- The Pet Guardian can be repaired automatically through the Mu Helper settings.

- The Pet Guardian is repaired using the Jewel of Bless and will be repaired when the Pet Guardian has 1 life left.

- In Mu Helper you can use the repair Guardian function in the lower menu (Other Settings).

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