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2020-11-29 15:15:20

1. SWITCH mode

1) SWITCH mode has been added

- Network Server: Free Mode (passive at all times).

- Blue Server: Paid (The Symbol will appear after the purchase).

2) SWITCH mode overview

- When using the SWITCH mode function, it reduces the consumption of resources (Memory, CPU, GPU) in an open multi-client environment.

- When in SWITCH mode you can see the basic information of the character within the user interface.

3) How to run and exit SWITCH mode

- The CTRL + F key combination allows you to start and exit SWITCH mode.

- You can exit the SWITCH mode with the END button on the SWITCH mode user interface.

4) SWITCH mode automation option

- SWITCH mode automation option is added in game option window "O"

- When the use of keyboard and mouse is absent, it switches to SWITCH mode after the set minutes.


SWITCH Mode User Interface
The status of the MU Helper is displayed as ON / OFF.
The Character Level and a percentage of the Accumulated Experience are displayed.
Indicates the character's Zen retention percentage.
Indicates the percentage of free space in the character's inventory.
Inventory Event
Indicates the percentage of free space in the character's event inventory.
Personal Store
Indicates the percentage of free space in the character's personal store.
Game Screen Image
An image of the game screen is created and updated according to the set value of seconds.
Game Screen Transition Adjustment
You can change the seconds setting to update the game screen image.
SWITCH mode exit

2. Mu Helper new features are added

1) Muun auto repair function is added

- A Muun repair tab is added to the repair menu.

- Automatic repair only works when Mu Helper is ON.

- The automatic repair will be when the Muun's Useful life is 5 or less.

- Automatic repair will only be performed on the worn Muun.

- It is also possible to manually repair the Muun from the slot with the Active Mu Helper.

- It is mandatory to have a Jewel of Life in the inventory to use the automatic repair option

2) Improved Mu Helper Attack settings

- When hunting through the Mu Helper, the character will attack the closest target

3) Concentrated Monster is added in the Mu Helper

- When you check the option of concentrated Monster, when finding several monsters together it will attack them until they are eliminated

4. The synthesis of Jewels is simplified

1) Add and Divide

- Added the functionality to add or split each Jewel directly from the inventory.

- Jewels purchased after the update will be overlaid automatically.

- When jeels are overlapped or divided, Zen is no longer consumed.

- The maximum number of overlays is extended to 50 in all Jewels.

2) Use in Item Combinations

- In some combinations, the system will subtract the necessary Jewels.

- In other cases, you may require the exact number of Jewels.

- Blunde of Jewels will no longer be used

5. Zen Deposit and Withdrawal has been expanded

- The Zen that can be deposited in the Vault expands from 100 Million Zen to 1 Billion Zen.

- He extends Zen's withdrawal from the Castle Siege Tax from 100 Million Zen to 1 Billion Zen.

6. Changes to the Talisman of Chaos Assembly and Talisman of Luck

- The Talisman of Chaos Assembly and Talisman of Luck can be traded in the Personal Store.

7. Limitations on Errtel of Radiance Options

- A damage limit is established in the PUNISH option.

- Maximum damage value is set to 250,000 damage.

8. The Quest interface has been improved

1) A tab for Quest type is added.

- They are divided (Guide Quest, Change Class Quest, Tutorial Quest, Reward Quest, Repeat Quest, Event Map).

- Every Quest has an "immediate move" feature that gives you the convenience of moving automatically. after accepting the mission.

2) The Quest information window has been improved

- The information window of the Quest is improved to show 3 missions and up to 20 in the same window.

3) Additional Quest content

- An automatic progress search has been added to perform when a certain Level is reached.

- If there is a Quest available, a red triangle will appear on the Quest interface.

- The Rewards and Requirements of some missions have been changed.

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