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The function of the chat is to communicate between the players online. The option can be a private or public message to the selection of who wants to speak.

Note: To be able to communicate you must have at least Level 6

Private message

As for the chat, only the person who is in a close distance can read, but also the person who is in another Map can also exchange a conversation, via the function. Private Message: The conversation is transmitted by only 1, as for the others, they cannot see the content of the message.

Chat interface

1 Bar Window Control Resize the Chat window
2 Chat window Show system and chat messages
3 Change Chat Button Toggle chat buttons ON
4 Private Message Window Write the Nickname of the character to start a private Chat
5 Chat Text Entry Enter the text which will appear in the Chat

Chat Button List
General Chat To chat in general message, set it to ON
Party Chat To chat with Party members, set it to ON
Guild Chat To chat with Guild members set it to ON
Gens Chat To chat with Gens members set it to ON
Whisper Lock To disable Whispers set it to ON
System Messages To display system messages, set it to ON
Chat output Hide all messages while being OFF
Chat window When activated, the Chat Window appears
Adjustment Options Resize the Chat Window
Transparency Change the transparency of the Chat Window


The button to adjust the transparency of the chat window is active, the transparency of the chat window varies (Four stages) that you can adjust.

Mussenger and Mail


Unlike the Private Message, it has the ability to communicate between users of different servers, the benefits of mussenger are

  • Have a list of Friends
  • Know if they are online
  • See which server they are on
  • Send Mail

To activate the option to talk to your contact, just make 2 left clicks on the ID to start the conversation


This option is very useful if in case your contact is not found online so leave him an email so that when he goes online he can read it

Send Mail
Enter the Letter Box - Write Option where this option will appear where you will have to enter the ID of the character you want to send the Mail as well as the subject of the mail as well as the content of the message and after finishing press the Send button to send the message

Receive Mail

Upon receiving a Mail an option will be activated in the lower right part.

Season 3 interface to the present Interface from 0.95 to Season 3

To read the received Mail, make 2 left click on the message to read it

Open the Message you have the option to Forward, delete the received mail.

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