S15EP2 compensation

2020-11-29 15:37:55

1. The maximum level is extended

- Maximum character level changed from 1200 to 1250.

2. Reward

- If you manage to reach level 1250 before the next season, you can receive a "Box Compensation"

- The "Box Compensation" will be sent to the gremory case in a maximum period of 30 days.

- The expiration date of use in the gremory case will be 14 days.

- By opening the "Box Compensation" you can receive the Muun "Magic Gaion Karein"

- You can use the Seasonal Muun and the Premium Muun at the same time.

Basic Skill
Advanced Skill
Magic Gaion Karein
Increase Elemental Defense +10
Increase Elemental Defense +10 x20


- After the expiration date and Box Compensation is not claimed, it will be eliminated without its recovery being possible.

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