Hunt's History (Season 11 EP2-1)

2020-11-29 18:54:18

1. Hunt History Preferences

- The hunt history function is recorded when using the Mu Helper.

- The Hunt is registered by date on the character and can be registered up to 60 times.
(By having the maximum number of records, the oldest ones will disappear)

- Hunt History can be found on the following maps.

Hunt History Maps

Lost tower

Kanturu Ruins
The Cleon
Swamp of Peace
Land of Trials
Cry wolf
Barrack of balgass
Kalima 1 ~ 7
Acheron ubaid
Acheron Alkmaar
Acheron Debenter
Acheron Uruk Montain
Acheron nars

2. How to open the Hunt History

- You can open the Hunt History window by clicking on the icon or the shortcut key (End)

1) Hunt History Icon

- By clicking on the Icon in the upper left part of the game window, you will be able to enter the Hunt History window.

2) Direct Access to Hunt History

- By pressing the (END) key you will be able to enter the Hunt History window.

3. View Hunt History

(1) Hunt's Pick

- You can see Hunt's history

- By selecting the Menu, you can search the Hunt record by map.

(2) Hunt History (Table Format)

Hunt time
Normal Damage Done
Elemental Damage Done
Used Potion Healing
Monsters Killed
Experience Earned

- You can see the Hunt Record in Table format (The graphic format will be shown later).

- The last Hunt record will appear blue and the oldest ones will be lead.

- Hunt records will be updated in real time.

- You can click on any element of the Table to sort them in descending or ascending order .

4. Minimize or Change the Hunt Registry window

- You can change the Hunt Registry window for a smaller window.

- There are 3 ways to change or minimize the Hunt Registry window.

(1) Minimize button

By clicking on the minimize button at the top left of the Hunt History, we will switch to the minimized window.

(2) Hunt History Icon

When the Hunt History Window is open, clicking on the Hunt History Icon will switch to the minimized window.

(3) Direct Access

When the Hunt History Window is open, pressing the "END" key will switch to the minimized window.

Hunt Log Minimized

Being in the minimized window, Hunt's statistics will be displayed per second in real time.

Hunt time
Normal Damage per Second
Elemental Damage per Second
Potion Healing Used Per Second
Monsters Killed per Second
Experience Earned per Second


- By clicking the maximize button, the Hunt Log window will return to its normal window.

5. Public Hunt Registry

- If you activate the Public Hunt Record, other characters will be able to see your Hunt history.

- To activate the Public Hunt Registry, you have to click on the box " My hunting history window open "

6. View Hunt History of other characters

- If the character has his Public Hunt History open, his Hunt History will be visible.

- By pressing the "ALT + Right Mouse Click" keys on the character and selecting " View History Hunting " you will be able to see the Hunt History.


- Hunt History does not reveal the character's items or stats, only Hunt stats described above.

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