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1) The Muun System incorporates new pets that develop together with your character
2) Pets Muun and Evolution Stone can be acquired through the event reward "Egg Event".

Muun System Description

1.Description of the Muun

A) Pets of the Muun system can evolve their (Skill, HP and Level).
B) Existing Pets (panda, Skeleton, Etc) can continue to be used while using Muun Pets.
C) Unlike the traditional slot where pets are placed, the Muun system has its own interface where new pets are placed.
(Muun pets will replace existing pets on the game screen if used simultaneously).

2. Characteristics of the Muun System

A) Muun pets have the ability to support the Character.
B) One of the basic functions and characteristics of the Muun pets is. Add certain functions when activating Pets.
C) Pets have a limited duration, after the use time they disappear.
D) The level evolution of the Muun pets increases the basic characteristics of the Pets.

3. Types of Pets Muun

There are several types of Pets Muun, each with a specific option.

Full Listing

4. The Life of the Muun System

A) By having Muun pets equipped, their life will be reduced.
B) If Muun pets lose all their life their basic characteristics will not work.
C) By using the Jewel of Life you can recover the Life of Pets Muun.
D) To restore the life of the Pets Muun you have to drag and drop the jewel of Life on the Pet Myun.
C) The health recovery of the Muun pets will be 100%.


5. Rating of the Muun System

A) The Rating of the Muun is.
B) The Rating can determine the Maximum Level that the Muun can reach.
C) The Rating is shown in the form of the symbol "?" within the description of the pet Muun.
D) Table of Ratings according to the maximum Level to be reached.

Maximum level
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

6. Muun System Level


A) You have to use a Muun of the same level to level up Pet Muun.

B) You have to drag and drop Pet Muun on another pet Muun to level up.
C) Only go up 1 Level at a time.
D) When leveling up Pet Muun the basic characteristics will be improved.
E) Upon reaching the maximum level, you can use the Evolution Stone, which changes the appearance and basic characteristics of Pets Muun.

7. Evolution of the Muun System

Evolution stone

A) Evolution can only be done 1 time, evolution does not evolve level.
B) The Evolution Stone can only be used on Level 5 Muun pets.
C) To evolve the pet Muun you have to drag and drop the Evolution Stone on the Pet Muun.
D) The Evolution Stone can only be used on Pets Muun.
E) The Evolution Stone will change the appearance and basic characteristics of Pets Muun.

Muun Normal Evolved Muun

Description of the Muun System Inventory

1. Inventory of the Muun System

A) When you get the Muun Eggs and the Evolution Stones they will be taken into the Muun inventory.
B) All items in the Muun system (egg, pets muun, Evolution Stone) cannot be stored in the inventory or trunk.
C) By clicking on a blue icon in the game you can open the Muun inventory.


2. Muun System Inventory Configuration

Pet Muun Mounting Slots
Storage slots
Storage Slot Pages

A) The Mounting slots, the storage slots and the storage slot pages consist of a close button.

B) For now only the main mounting slot can be used, in later updates the secondary mounting slot will be activated.

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