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Party system

The party is an aspect of MU in which different characters can form a group in the vast world of MU together. Cooperative hunting will allow you to kill extremely strong monsters that alone would be quite difficult, and through the party, you will find various characters of different classes that will help you advance very quickly.

  • Characters can create their own party starting at level 6.
  • The party can have a maximum of 5 members.
  • You cannot create a party, if you have level differences greater than 130 (As of Season 2 this option was deactivated) .

Request to join a party

Opening the command window by pressing "D" we select the party option and mark the character that will be given the party

Opening the quick menu window by pressing ALT + right click on the character we select the party option.

Exp table obtained with party

Levels are affected when you are in a party with a Dark Knight and / or Dark Wizard and / or Fairy Elf. In a match that has these 3 different character types; your party will receive an experience bonus.

No. of players
Party General
Party Special
(Dark Knight, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard)
(Dark Lord, Summoner, Magic Gladiator)
(Dark Lord, Summoner, Rage Fighter)
(Grow Lancer, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf)

1 player
2 players
3 players
4 players
5 players

Party commands

/ Party (targeting a player): Create party or invite other players to the existing party.
Q: Open party window where you can see the location and life.
~ : Send a message to the party.

Modified Party Window (From Season 8 Episode 2)

The buff status of the party members is added.

NOTE: The debuff does not apply in this window.


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