Party (Season 10)

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Party system

The party is an aspect of MU in which different characters can form a group in the vast world of MU together. Cooperative hunting will allow you to kill extremely strong monsters that alone would be quite difficult, and through the party, you will find various characters of different classes that will help you advance very quickly.

  • Characters can create their own party starting at level 6.
  • The party can have a maximum of 5 members.
  • You cannot create a party, if you have level differences greater than 130 (As of Season 2 this option was deactivated) .

Request to join a party

Opening the command window by pressing "D" we select the party option and mark the character that will be given the party

Opening the quick menu window by pressing ALT + right click on the character we select the party option.

Exp table obtained with party

- Levels are affected when you are in a party with a Dark Knight and / or Dark Wizard and / or Fairy Elf. In a match that has these 3 different character types; your party will receive an experience bonus.
- Party members share EXP according to their levels based on the EXP obtained by the highest Level of the party.


Example 1: EXP gained is distributed 5: 5 equally when two characters with Level 500 are in party.
Example 2: When Level 300, Level 300, Level 400 characters join in party, they share EXP with a ratio of 3: 3: 4 which includes Additional EXP of 3% based on the EXP earned by the Level 400 character.
If the EXP obtained by the Level 400 character is 1,000, the Level 400 character acquires 412 EXP, The Level 300 characters acquire 309 EXP each.

No. of players
2 Players
3 Players
4 Players
5 Players
General Party
Set Party

Set Party

(Dark Knight, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard)
(Dark Lord, Summoner, Magic Gladiator)
(Dark Lord, Summoner, Rage Fighter)
(Grow Lancer, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf)

Party commands

/ Party (targeting a player): Create party or invite other players to the existing party.
Q: Open party window where you can see the location and life.
~ : Send a message to the party.

Killing Steal (KS) experience

- If many players attack a monster, they receive EXP only based on the amount of Damage given.
- The amount of Damage that each player or party deals to the monster becomes a function of 100% of the monster's HP.


Example 1: If "Character A" deals 60,000 damage and "Character B" deals 40,000 damage to the monster with 100,000 HP, "Character A" receives 60% EXP alone and "Character B" receives the 40% after killing a monster.
In case it is also in party, they receive EXP based on the% of the amount of DMG according to the proportion of the character's level.

Party window

In the party window you can see the buff status of the party members.

NOTE: The debuff does not apply in this window.

Companion of Assistant Function Added (From Season 13 Episode 1)

- The ability for Party members to have an assistant is added.
(When party members trust the party leader, he can control the party's movement and execution of the Mu Helper.

- The Companion of Assistant can be activated by opening the popup ALT + Right Click on the Character selecting "Companion of Assistant".

- The Companion of Assistant can be disabled by opening the popup window ALT + Right Click on the Character selecting "Companion of Assistant" Dimiss Helper "
- The Name of the characters that activate the "Companion of Assistant" option will be shown in blue in the party window.

Added ability to move the entire party

- Added the ability for the Party Leader to move all Party members.
- Hold down CRTL + "S" and the Left Mouse Click to move them and CRTL + Mouse Wheel Click to move all party members to that position (Automatically the Mu Helper will activate all party members).

- If any member of the Party moves to another position on the map, it will automatically move to the party's position and then the Mu Helper will be executed.
- If any member of the Party moves to another map they will be charged a movement fee of 50,000 Zen.
- When there are exceptional situations that are not fulfilled, such as (Movement Cost / Required Level / Required Wings / Entry Ticket) the Party movement command will not work.

Functions are added in the Party

Automatic movement of party members is added

- Added the ability to automatically move to the position of party members, using the Party window popup menu.
- In the party window, left click on the character or hold down the Alt key + right click ((Auto move to Party Members)) on the character you want to move.

- If the party member is on another map, it will cost 50,000 Zen to move.
- When there are exceptional situations that are not fulfilled, such as (Movement Cost / Required Level / Required Wings / Entry Ticket) the auto movement command will not work.

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