Personal Store (Season 8)

2020-11-29 15:18:34

Starting with Season 8 Episode 2, new features are added to the Personal Store.

The Personal Store is a new feature from MU. It allows players to sell their items for a zen amount they are allocated. The Personal Store can be activated with a minimum of Level 6 and will remain open even if you are moving around the map.

Open the Personal Store

To activate the Personal Store you can press the "S" key while having your inventory open or opening your inventory and clicking on the Personal Store in the lower right of your inventory screen.


Open the Personal Store Window

Open the Personal Store

Close the Personal Store

Window where the items to be sold in the Personal Store are inserted

Personal Store Name (Required)

Close the Personal Store Window

Form of sale
Starting with Season 8 Episode 2 the items that are sold in the personal stone can be assigned a fixed price in Zen or Jewels (Bless, Soul, Chaos).


The default system charges a commission of 3% on jewels and 1% on Zen.

Sale price
Amount to receive after sale.

It is recommended to have an empty inventory in order to receive jewels and zen.

Personal Store search

New function added from Season 8 Episode 2, pressing the shortcut key "P" will show the list of all open Personal Store and by clicking on each Store you can see its content.

Personal Store Name
Character's name
By clicking on the character's name, you can send a private message or an email.
Search by Item Name
Personal Store List Update

NOTE: Only Personal Stores that are within the safe zone of (Lorenca, Devias, Noria, Elveland) may appear on the list.

In addition, there is an NPC called the 'Private Store Bulletin Board' in Loren Market (138, 142) and (110, 134), where players can search the list of Personal Stores that are within Loren Market.

After you have placed the price and have indicated the items you want to sell and have your store named, you can open the store by clicking on the OPEN button at the bottom of the store staff. They will ask you for confirmation to open the warehouse.

Presentation of the Personal Store on the eX700 Presentation of the Personal Store on the eX702
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