New PVP Duel

2020-11-29 15:09:32

Now you can duel and have a prize for your victory. This duel takes place on the Vulcanus Map.

Map structure

1. Vulcanus

It is divided into a Battle Zone and a Security Zone.
In the Battle Zone you can only enter if you belong to a Gens family.
It is not necessary to press Ctrl to be able to attack the members of the other gens family, they will be recognized as enemies and by killing them earn points in the contribution.

2. Duel

When Dueling you will be automatically taken to the
Vulcanus colosseum. .
After finishing the duel you will be transported to Lorencia Safe Zone for the winner of the Duel, you will be given an Aura "Gladiator to glory".
You can only enter Vulcanus if you belong to a Gens family.

Move you

In order to enter you have to belong to a Gens family.
The minimum Level to move is 30 (Magic, Dark Lord is Level 20) 10,000 Zen will be deducted.

If you use the Command Window and click on Vulcanus the transfer will be 15,000 Zen.
It is not possible to walk into the Duel Zone.

System overview
The duel between the characters will be like this in the future.

At the time of Dueling you will be transported to the Colosseum of Vulcanus.
Upon completion you will be transported to the Safe Zone of Lorencia.
The system has a Clock that identifies the Winner of the Duel and will be given advanced elements of Vulcanus to take control of the map.

Added content

A New Option (Alt + Right Click) has been added to the Duel Menu.

The Winner of each duel will be awarded an Aura "Gladiator to glory"

Gladiator to glory
20% increased experience (except master level)
Gladiator to glory and the Drop and Experience Seal cannot be combined
Only within the Vulcanus Map can you have these benefits
60 minutes

It will only be possible to do 4 simultaneous duels for each server.
In Vulcanus in the security zone There is an NPC "Doorkeeper Titus" (coordinates 122, 135) Talk to him to be able to be a spectator of a duel that is being carried out, a maximum of 10 people can see a Duel.

Spectator Interface

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