Gremory Case (Season 9 Episodio 2)

2020-11-29 15:23:13

1. Introduction

The "Gremory Case" is added which will store the rewards earned in events.

1). Gremory Case

(1) Trade the rewards earned from events.

(2) You can receive in your inventory the items stored in the "Gremory Case".

(3) You can store the rewards for a long time.
If in case the "Gremory Case" is full the reward received will disappear.

(4) In the "Gremory Case" you can view the character and server storage.
Each storage space can store 50 items

Character Storage
Here you can find only the items obtained by the character.

Server Storage
Here you can find all the articles obtained by the account within the server.
Stored items can only be brought into inventory by either character.


2. How to use the "Gremory Case"

1). Interface of the "Gremory Case"

(1) The "Gremory Case" has the following interface.

Gremory Case Information
Character Storage
Server Storage
Number of Articles / Maximum of Articles to receive.


2). Opening the "Gremory Case" window

(1) There are 2 ways to open the "Gremory Case" window

(1) Clicking on the Menu
By clicking on the turquoise icon and selecting "Gremory Case"
(2) Direct access
Pressing the "K" key to directly enter the "Gremory Case"


3). Receive Stored Items

Open the "Gremory Case", find and click on the item you want to receive.
Click on accept to receive the item in inventory.

If you do not have enough space in inventory, the shipment will be canceled.

4). Considerations of the "Gremory Case"

(1) exceed the maximum number of items stored

If you exceed the number of articles stored, the new articles will not be able to be received and will be eliminated.

(2) Expiration of articles

If the item is not received for a long period it may disappear.

3. Items stored

1). Events Reward

(1) In some events the reward form is still kept and is collected and taken directly to inventory.

(2) At the moment this is the list of events where the "Gremory Case" works

Chaos castle
Blood castle
Illusion temple
Double goer
Battle Core (Chaos Castle Fittest and Devil Square Championship)

In Battle Core events, rewards are managed differently.

2). Awards Management

(1) The rewards will be sent to the character or account.

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