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Trade system

Trading is an important aspect of the game. This can improve your personal relationships with other players and help you improve your team.

While playing MU, you may encounter certain situations in which Zen is important to trade, a form of currency used in MU, or to trade items that other players need.

The player with whom you have made a request to negotiate has the option of accepting or rejecting your request. You can sometimes be interrupted by repeat orders from the store. In this case, you can block constant requests by flagging your request via the / Request off command. Its function is to block all requests for the business, the party, etc. Re-marking the / Request command on the request will make it possible to trade again.

After verifying the items that a player who has placed a trade order placed in the trade window, drag the items you want to trade into the window and hit the confirm button. And a trade has been made.

You can cancel a trade at any time by pressing cancel. A warning system indicates when the player is trading with changes for the item you are currently trading. This will also disable the confirmation button for about 10 seconds. It can also warn you if the item you are currently receiving is a duplicate or illegal item.

Petition to Market

Opening the command window by pressing "D" we select the Trade option and mark the character that will be given the Trade

Opening the quick menu window by pressing ALT + right click on the character we select the Trade option.

Trade status display

Window with whom are you marketing

Zen to receive

Accept Trade

Your trading window

Zen to receive

Accept trade

Send zen

Close trade

Trade System Details

Zen Color Changes

100,000 Zen Green
1,000,000 Zen Orange
10,000,000 Zen Red

Character range and color

You can check the range of characters you are trading with with the color indicator and warning that appears in your trading window. This can help review the credibility of the characters you are dealing with.

Level 10 Red in the commercial window
Level 1 - 49 Red in the commercial window
Level 50 - 99 Orange in the commercial window
Level 100 - 199 Green in the commercial window
Level 200 - 400 White in the commercial window

Indication of the names of the articles of commerce within the commercial window.

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