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  1. Dragonmu online is private game sing server with latest season 15 features and event! As well as new class Slayer! X1000 Is new server with fairly easy levelling, easy loot and is build for fun style gameplay and fast PVP battles, if you like to PVP and Guild Wars, this server is for you! There is events every hour, boss spawns every hour, which means you will have something to do 24/7 and the nice loot from those events will be rewarding! Experience: X1000, Master X1000, Majestic: X1000 Reset: 400lvl, Stats burns, Free stats 500, Reward, 20WC, Costs 2kk* reset Unlimited resets! Grand reset: 100resets, reward 1000 Wcoins! Custom events are made, Snake, Rooster, Sheeps invasions, hunt them in maps like atlans, tarkan, aida to get ruud or some exc BA, DA, HA, BE, or even SH depending on your luck! Roosters Spawns 12.00 16:00 20:00 Atlans, Tarkan, Aida Sheeps spawns 13:00 17:00 21:00 Atlans, Tarkan, Aida Snakes spawns: 14:00 18:00 22:00 Atlans, Tarkan, Aida Monkeys spawns: 15:00 19:00 23:00 Atlans, Tarkan, Aida All maps till 400lvl, can drop 1lvl wings for all classes Maps from 770lvl drops RUUD BOXES 100 or 2000 Chaos machine rates + Luck 10=100% 11=100% 12=90% 13=80% 14=75% 15=65% Soul +luck= 100% Life =75%!
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