Illusion Temple Championship

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1. Illusion Temple Championship Basic Description

- The Illusion Temple Championship unlike the original Illusion temple has been renewed, the Sacred Artifact is obtained from the "cursed stone statue" by capturing the 10 stone statues.
- Guild-oriented event, the event calendar consists of (The league, Semi-final and final) and the winner will have the title of the strongest and as a reward they will be awarded the "Wings of Conqueror".

2. Illusion Temple Championship Position

- To enter the Illusion Temple Championship the NPC "Mait" located in Loren Market is used.
- Entry to the Illusion Temple Championship is free.

NPC "Mait" coordinates (85, 136)

3. Illusion Temple Championship game system renewal

Stone statue
Cursed Stone Statue
Mu Alliance Home
Phantom Brotherhood Home

- By occupying the 10 stone statues you can get the "Sacred Artifact" of the Cursed Stone Statue.

3. Captured Stone Statue

Stone Statue Captured by Phantom Brotherhood
Stone Statue Captured by MU Alliance

Cursed Stone Statue

The Cursed Stone Statue has a time counter, if a user successfully logs into the statue, they will be awarded the Sacred Artifact.


Upon entering your party you will be assigned a random team.

Phantom Brotherhood Team
Mu Alliance Team

5. Monsters

Within the event, monsters appear which obstruct your way throughout the map and use the Freeza power to freeze you.

Illusion Sorcerer Spirit
Illusion Sorcerer Spirit
Illusion Sorcerer Spirit

6. Occupied Stone Statue


A) The (Illusion Temple) has been refurbished, 1 Cursed Stone Statue, 10 Stone Statues, and 2 Equipment Outlets.
B) By occupying the stone statues and obtaining the Sacred Artifact of the cursed stone statue, you will return to your team's starting area to win the round.
C) The first team to win 7 Rounds will be the winner.
D) By possessing the Sacred Artifact you can change the capture area for your allies.
E) You can take advantage of seizing the stone statues captured by your rivals by possessing the Sacred Artifact that will be changed to a normal region.
F) The stone statues seized using the Sacred Artifact cannot be captured, the remaining stone statues can be captured.
G) Stone statues seized using the Sacred Artifact will be captured for a specified time.

Sacred Artifact spawn chance

Stone Statues (number)
Sacred Artifact spawn chance (%)

Game schedule

Waiting position
Waiting room
Compensation Time
5 minutes
2 minutes
15 minutes (wait around 5 seconds)
3 minutes


Obtaining the Sacred Artifact
Possess the Sacred Artifact
Occupy Stone Statue
10 seconds
10 seconds
15 second

7. Change the Skills settings

A) Direct access to the skills with fixed keys (A, S, D, F) is set.
B) Only the shortcuts with the fixed keys (A, S, D, F) are allowed, the system shortcuts are disabled.
C) There are 2 types of existing skills within the Illusion Temple Championship

Normal + Mouse (Right Click): General Skills
Shift + Mouse (Right Click): Illusion Temple Championship Skills

D) The obtaining of Kill Point when killing a monster or rival has been changed as well as the cooldown of skills.


Spell of Protection
Cost of use: 2 ~ 3 Kill Points
Cooldown: 5 Seconds
Mana: 30
function: Avoid 100% DMG, duration 15 seconds

Spell of Restriction
Cost of use: 2 ~ 3 Kill Points
Cooldown: 5 Seconds
Mana: 30
function: Paralyze the enemy for 15 seconds

Spell of Pursuit
Cost of use: 1 Kill Points
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Mana: 30
function: Teleports you to the character that owns the Curse Castle Water

Shield Burn
Cost of use: 2 ~ 3 Kill Points
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Mana: 30
function: Reduces the opponent's SD to 50%

## Using the Spell of Pursuit will move you randomly towards the character wearing the Sacred Artifact.

8. Configuration changes in the Mini-Map

Mini map

A) The visualization of the complete map is already available through the Mini-Map.

B) Through the Mini-Map you can determine the position of your party members.
C) Through the Mini-Map you can find the real-time situation of the stone statues of your allies and adversary.
D) At each waiting time for each round, the conditions of the stone statues appear on the Mini-Map.

White Icon: Normal
Red Icon: Mu Alliance
Blue Icon: Phantom Brotherhood

9. League and Semifinal

Common configuration
A) Entry to the Illusion Temple Championship is through the NPC "Mait" located in Loren Market.
B) It is required as 5 members of the same guild in the party for admission.
C) You cannot double the income of the same guild.


A) The Illusion Temple Championship league begins on the 14th of each month.
B) There are 2 games per day
C) The same Guild cannot have double its income.
D) The maximum number of entries per league for each guild cannot exceed more than 5 times the total
E) At the end of the league the 4 best guilds will advance to the semifinals.
F) The guild will not be able to advance to the next round if it does not meet the conditions.


A) The 4 best ranked guilds will be ordered according to their score.
B) The order of confrontation will be (1 vs 4/2 vs 3)
C) Selecting 4 parties from the same guild may result in an error.
D) If the rival does not enter the confrontation, the guild will advance by default.

from the 14th to the 20th of each month
The 21st of every month
The 22nd of every month
Event Map
2 events at the same time (four games per day)
2 events at the same time (two games per day)
1 Event

10. Event Prizes

Guild Award Winner

A) Illusion Temple Championship will award the winning Guild (10) jewels of bless to each party member.
B) The winning guild will select 5 characters who will be awarded the "Wings of Conqueror"
C) The rewards to the winner will be paid through the NPC "Mait".

Guild Award with Most Captured Stone Statues

A) After a pre-selection, the guild with the most captured stone statues will be able to select 5 characters to whom compensation will be paid.


Compensation Illusion Temple Illusion Temple Championship
Experience Experience based on the results obtained Nothing
Quest Standard Level Repeated Quest Nothing
Items Jewel of Chaos (1) Jewel of Bless Bundle (10)
The Strongest Nothing Wings of Conqueror

Wings of conqueror

Name of the Wings Wings of conqueror
Usage level 280
Inventory usage size 4 x 3
Wings level +0
Use of Jewels or combinations in the chaos machine No
Limitations Can't Trade
It cannot be put in the Personal Store
It cannot be stored in the trunk
Sale to NPC (Only when the 28 days usage time expires)
Durability cost Durability does not decrease
Defending 200
Durability 255
Damage Increase 71%
Damage Absorption 71%
Functional Options Reduces 3 Life after successful attack (Miss included).
Choices -Luck.
-5% chance to Recover 100% of HP.
-5% chance to return the Enemy's total attack.
-5% Chance to ignore Enemy Defense.
-HP recovery 4%.
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