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When creating a new character and you want to know more about the game you can start with the tutorial "Warrior welcome" which will guide you and reward you for each completed quest.

To start the quest you have to talk to the NPC Shadow Phantom Soldier who is located at each exit of the Noria, Lorencia, Devias and Elbeland maps.

Shadow Phantom Soldier

Dialog Box

By clicking on Warrior Welcome you will start with the quests. Warrior Welcome quest interface.

Quest name
Quest Dialog Box
Quest requirements
Quest reward
OK to end the quest

Quest table

Each quest has to be completed in order to proceed to the next quest.

Quest content
Press (C) to open the character window EXP: 50
Press the Character Inventory Button (I, V) EXP: 50
ZEN: 500
Buy 5 Apple from NPCs
Lorencia NPC Potion Girl Amy coordinates (128.85)
Noria NPC Elf Lala coordinates (172,124)
Elbeland NPC Silvia coordinates (45,227)
EXP: 100
ZEN: 1,000
Kill 3 Budge Dragon located in Lorencia EXP: 250
ZEN: 1,000
Kill 3 Chain Scorpions located in Ferris wheel
Kill 3 Strange Rabbit located in Elbeland
Buy 1 Town Portal Scroll from NPCs EXP: 200
ZEN: 3,000
Kill 30 Hound located in Lorencia EXP: 5,000
ZEN: 3,000
Kill 30 Beetle Monster located in Ferris Wheel
Kill 30 Polluted Butterfly located in Elbeland
None Crossbow (Elf Agility)
Orb Summon Goblin (Elf energy)
Double Ax (Dark Knight)
Scroll Fire Ball (Dark Wizard)
Scroll Fire Ball (Summoner)
By meeting the necessary requirements to use the items or skill given EXP: 300
Have level 25 Horn of Uniria
Quiz 1
How do you trade with a character that's in front of you?
Answer: Press D and select Trade or type in '/ trade' in the Chat window.
Large Healing Potion x15
Quiz 2
What do you do if you don't want to receive party requests?
Response: Type in '/ Request off' in the Chat window.
Large Mana Potion x15
Quiz 3
Which button is used to send whispers from the Chat window?
Answer: From the Chat window, use the Tab button.
Spirit of angel
Quiz 4
When you reach a certain level, you will be able to repair your equipments directly from the Inventory window. What level is that?
Answer: Level 50
Town Portal Scrol x5 or Zen

Quiz 5
What is the minimum level you need to be and the amount of Zen you need in order to enter the Dungeon?
Answer: Level 30 and 3,000 Zens
EXP: 3,000
Quiz 6
Whom should you seek out in order to combine items?
Answer: The Goblin NPC in Noria.
ZEN: 10.0000
Upon successful completion of the questionnaire you will receive the following items Ring of Hero and Ring of Warrior

-Only characters who start from Level 0 can do this quest.
-This quest can only be done by the Dark Knight, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard, Summoner.
-These quests are not repeatable.

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