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  1. Admin

    Blue Eye Items

    In Season 14 new items called Blue Eye was added in the game! Set Blue Eye- Added a new set for characters at level 1000+.- Blue Eye set is created by combining the Ancient Awakening set and Sealed item from Priest James.- The Blue Eye set will drop from the map. Kubera Mine and Abyss of Atlans. Cold Marriage Cold Horn must be purchased from the NPC James Ruud Store at Elbeland Map (location 32, 239). 3. Ingredients for creating Blue EyeAncient Awakening set +11 to 16Cold Marriage.30 Jewel of Bless30 Jewel of Soul1 Jewel of Chaos1 Jewel of Creation100% success rate. You will get Ancient Blue Eye set + 0If you use Ancient Awakening Knight Gloves will receive Ancient Blue Eye Knight Gloves.- Option will increase according to the number Item level- Although the options are the same, the value of the options will vary depending on the occupation and class of the item. Blue Aye Weapons
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