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Found 1 result

  1. Jewel bingo Event Another mini-game in MuOnline. How to start the Jewel of bingo mini game First of all, you'll need a full Card Deck game deck. It is assembled from 24 pieces of Card Piece cards which, when selected, fall into the MU Roomy inventory. As soon as you collect 24 Card Piece (there is a drop from regular mobs in all locations) they will automatically be collected in Card Deck. Next, go to the MU Roomy inventory and select the Jewel Bingo Event section. Interface and Rules You will see a 5x5 square playing field. First of all, you need to distribute the stones that are on the right, you can do this either manually or automatically by clicking the “Placement” button. After all the stones are distributed you need to choose one of the three boxes provided. After you have chosen one of the “boxes”, the game begins. You will need to choose one of the stones that “boxing" requires. Bingo can be done when the gem matches diagonally, horizontally or vertically. You can get a higher score if you pick up the line through the middle of “MU”. The game ends after the stones in the “box”. The number of points depends on how many “Bingo” you have made. Rewards for Jewel Bingo Event After the end of the game, a window will appear (where you can also see your score). Click the “Get Reward” button. The reward will go to Gremory Keys (you can open it by pressing the “k” key).
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