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4th level Wings creation and option upgrades

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There are 9 different 4th level wings for each class:

  • Angel Wings for Dark Wizard
  • Devil Wings for Dark Knight
  • Genius Wings for Elf
  • Destruction Wings for Magic Gladiator
  • Control Wings for Dark Lord
  • Eternal Wings for Summoner
  • Judgment Cloak for Rage Fighter
  • Eternity Cloak for Grow Lancer
  • Wings of Condemnation for Slayer

Level and class requirement: You must be 800lvl and with 4th class quest completed to be able to wear wings

How to combine 4th level wings in mu online

Garuda's Feather + Garudas Flame + Golden Senence (Golden Crest) + Greater Spirit Stone (Higher Magic Stone) + Jewel of Chaos Bundle (30) +
Bundle of Jewel of Soul (30) + Bundle of Jewel of Bless (30) + Bundle of Jewel of Creation (30)

To increase success rate use Talisman Of Luck and Talisman of Chaos Assembly.



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