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Hongyeon's Crimson Icarus

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1) Background story Guide by MUKOREA
  (1) Research on Icarus as a perforation by the scholars of Media is continuing. 
      You know that perforation doesn't just exist
      A new perforation is found that is one level lower than Icarus. 
      The place was full of red clouds, filled with something bad.
      Scholars call the second hole 'Icarus of the Red Lotus' and ask the warriors of the Mu continent to explore. 
 2) Map information
Map name How to move the map Entry level Hunting penalty level
Crimson icarus  1. [Move command window]     You can move
    by spending 50,000 Zen

 2. [Move on foot]     You can move     through the entrance at
    Lost Tower (1, 238)  .
1070 1100
  (1) Hongyeon's Icarus is an attribute hunting ground
        Monsters with attributes appear.
  (2) Monsters have excellent damage probability resistance, critical damage probability resistance, and damage absorption,
        Has debuff probability resistance value. 
  (3) You can enter the map only while wearing wings or riding a vehicle. 
  (4) There is a safety zone on the map, 
        When the connection ends and the character dies, it moves to the safety zone.
 3) Main drop items
  (1) Excellent Silver Heart Armor
  (2) Excellent socket necklace
 4) Hongyeon's Icarus Monster
  (1) Hongyeon's Alcamos
moss-icarus.png.5abf8fb039cccd97e3bbf13827886b7c.png name Crimson Moss 
level 490
This is an al-camos monster attacking from a distance .    
  (2) Hongyeon's Megacrust
218122549_MegaCrust.png.9bc5e50061de2486cd5651ec37de8496.png name Crimson Mega Crust 
level 495
This is a megacrust monster that attacks range .    
  (3) Hong Yeon's Queen Raynor
1207580956_QueenRaynor.png.51e303b68f499286433a00b5de2951a1.png name Crimson Queen Raider
level 490
This is a Queen Rainer monster with long range attack .    
  (4) Hongyeon's Alpha Crust
944804441_AlphaCrust.png.87b564d8fd932ca4635d2ad3b38001e1.png name Crimson Alpha Crust 
Level 495
It range  attack that Alpha Crust is a monster .   
  (5) Hong Yeon's Phantom Night
906586228_PhantomNight.png.eb9bc1655c28cd4791433bad8092992b.png name Crimson Phantom Night
level 500
This is a phantom night monster that attacks melee  .   

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