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Life bars improvement update

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Life improvement update
1. Improved character selection screen
 1) You can change the order by clicking the arrow to the right of the character slot on the character selection screen.
  (1) The character slot position can be moved freely, but it cannot be moved beyond an empty character slot.
2. Improving visibility in the game
 1) We changed the color of the character and party member's health bar to be different from the color of the monster's health bar at the party.
  (1) The color of the character's health bar is changed to green.
 2) Repair, division, and disassembly icons are changed.
  (1) The icon has been changed so that the cursor position can be displayed more clearly.
 3) The free text color of the channel is improved to a brighter color.
3. Lucky Item System Improvement
 1) Lucky item wear and smelting system is changed.
  existing change
Smelting Lucky Item Right mouse click Inventory breakdown button
Lucky item equipped Drag and drop
Right click on drag and drop
 2) Extension of jewelry overlap function is added.
  (1) Extension jewelry can be stacked up to [10].
4. Improvement of Mu Helper system
 1) When using the mu helper, it is improved that the character does not return to its original position when the character moves one tile.
  (1) If another character is standing at the point where my character started the mu helper, it will return outside of the corresponding tile.
 2) Guardian auto repair function is added.
  (1) Guardian can be automatically repaired through mu helper setting.
  (2) Guardians are repaired using the Jewel of Blessing, and they are repaired when 1 Guardian health is left.
  (3) Mu Helper You can use the Guardian Repair function in the [Other Settings] bottom menu.

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