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Personal store renewal

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Personal store renewal
1. Personal store renewal contents
 1) Personal store buyers can search and purchase personal stores opened on the server in all channels.
 2) Personal store is changed from inventory to list.
 3) The list of items that can be viewed only for items registered for sale in the personal store is added.
 4) A system that can sell items in a bundle is added.
 5) Items and goods obtained by selling / purchasing private stores can be received in the Gremory case.
2. Personal store is changed to list format, making it more convenient
   Improvements have been made to sell / buy items.
 1) Personal store list and item list
  (1) In the Personal Store List tab, you can check your personal store as you did before.
  (2) In the newly added item list tab, you can search for items in all personal stores and purchase them immediately.
  (3) Store name If you click on the character name, item name, category, quantity, and price tabs, you can view them sorted.
  (4) Personal store buyers can search for and purchase personal stores on all channels and all hunting grounds.
  (5) Private store Sellers must open their own private store in the safe zone as before.
 2) Sales Store
  (1) The existing inventory-type retail store has been changed to a list format.
  (2) You can register a sale item by clicking on the blank in the store.
  (3) Up to 20 lists can be registered in the retail store.
3. Sales item registration setting change and bundle sales have been added.
 1) If you click on the blank in the sales store, a window to register the sales item opens.
 2) You can drag and drop an item to the slot or right-click to register.
 3) If you register an item and click OK after setting the price, the item disappears from the inventory and is registered in the store.
 4) In order to modify the price of the item registered in the store, you can click the item in the closed state to modify it.
 5) The withdrawal of sales of items registered in the store can be canceled by clicking the withdraw button after clicking the item in the closed state.
  (1) The withdrawn item is paid to the Gremory Case-Personal Store tab.
 6) Bundle sales can register at least 2 ~ up to 5 items.
  (1) Bundle Sale is a new method of selling items registered as a bundle at once.
  (2) If you register 5 blood angel sets as a bundle for 100 axes, you can sell / purchase 5 blood angel sets at once.
4. Gremory case-Personal store tab has been added.
 1) The price obtained from the sale of personal store items and purchased items are paid to the Gremory Case – Personal Store tab.
 2) Items that have been withdrawn from the registration of sales at the personal store will be paid to the Gremory Case – Personal Store tab.
 3) Gremory case – Personal store tab setting
  (1) The maximum number of possessions is 150.
  (2) Sale / purchase of personal store items is not possible if the maximum number is exceeded.
  (3) The deadline for receipt of transaction price and purchase items is 7 days, and the items are deleted after the deadline.
  (4) After completing the personal store transaction, there is a delay of about 1 minute from the transaction price to the purchase item payment.
5. Personal store and other improvements
 1) Keyword search function has been added.
  (1) The search function by entering only keywords has been added to the search method using only existing auto-complete.
  (2) Searching for “Blood” shows a list of all items that contain “Blood”.
  (3) However, you can search for words from two or more letters.
 2) Changing goods and setting improvement for personal store use
  (1) When registering the sale of jewelry items, you cannot set the same jewelry as the sale price.
   ① When selling Blessed Jewelry, the Blessed Jewelry is deactivated at the selling price.
  (2) When selling / purchasing a personal store, the gem of chaos is no longer available.
6. Closing existing private stores
 1) Existing private stores will be closed by renewal of private stores.
 2) All the items in the existing private store are automatically moved to the Gremory Case – Private Store.

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