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Version: Season 15
Experience Regular/Master/Majestic: X99999
Resets: 400 Level * 1kk zen, Stats stay, PPL: 10, Max stats: 32000

Resets: Reward 15Wcoins
Grand resets: From 100 resets, reward 1500Wcoins

Balanced PVP / PVM WITH All Class
Join the huge race, we are expecting at least 1000+ online in the first hour!
Check available ingame commands!

Kundun spawn at Devias 2
Shops all items are excellent
Starter Gift, Small wings Pet Panda, Ring Panda, 500kk zen

To play download new client!
The server was updated to newest season 15 part 1-3. The new update includes new things from S14 Episode 2 as well as season 15.

4th class skill tree was reseted, you need to set back your points! You can rebuild or reset skill tree with Scrolls from Potion Girl NPC!

Chaos machine new Equipment Reinforcement (item upgrade from +10 till +15)
Compleated season 14 things: New Map (Abyss Atlans)
New Map Monsters and Elite Monsters!
2nd level Earrings support, mixes, options
Summoner Updates:
Berserker Buff, Darkness Buff, Death Scythe Skill, and a remake of old skills Explosion, Requiem, Pollution! Changes in 3rd and 4th Skill Tree
New Items (Books)
Guardian System - new mixes, new pet Ghost Horse!
New Items 4th and 5th (Soul, Blue Eye) and new weapons for Rune Wizard!
New from Season 15!
New Class: Slayer, Royal Slayer, Master Slayer, Slaughterer! Slayer is a new female class character and is attack power is build only by Strenght. Character is very similar to Dark Knight class, as she can use some of the same items, weapons, wings and even skills.
Slayer can wear:: Flat Short Sword, Dacia Short Sword, Cookery Short Sword, and can wear some of the DK items like Wings of Dragon, Wings of Chaos and skill, Rageful Blow, Detection Bead
Slayer skills: Rageful Blow, Twisting Slash, Rush, Pierce Attack, Detection, Sword Inertia, Bat Flock! Skills!

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