Chaos Castle (Battle) (S9 EP2)

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Chaos Castle (Battle) what is it?

It is a high-level event, where any character on the "Battle Core" server can participate daily.

[Battle Core]

It is a central server where you can connect your account simultaneously and enjoy Chaos Castle (Battle) daily without affecting the playability of your game character.

1. Chaos Castle (Battle)

1). Login to the "Battle Core" Server

(1) Access to the Battle Core server can be done from the notification window in the upper left or through the NPC Elin located in Loren Market (113, 132).

(2) In the server selection, check the server "Battle Core" and enter account information.

When the application for admission to the "Battle Core" server is applied, the trade, personal store and warehouse will be temporarily unavailable.

In order to use the trade and storage function, you have to disconnect from the "Battle Core" server, if you want to enter the "Battle Core" server later, you will have to request a re-entry.

Entrance information to Chaos Castle (Battle) [Hours 20:30 / 22:00]
Chaos Castle (Battle)
Level Required
Monster Drop
Basic Characters
Magic Gladiator / Dark Lord / Rage Fighter
Chaos Castle 1
15 ~ 49
15 ~ 29
Guardsman Box x 4
Guardsman Leader Box
Chaos Castle 2
50 ~ 119
30 ~ 99
Chaos Castle 3
120 ~ 179
100 ~ 159
Chaos Castle 4
180 ~ 239
160 ~ 219
Chaos Castle 5
240 ~ 299
220 ~ 279
Guardsman Box x 5
Chaos Castle 6
300 ~ 400
280 ~ 400
Chaos Castle 7
Master Level
Master Level
Guardsman Box x 6

Entry Form to the "Battle Core"

We mark the Banner Battle Core
We select the Queuing Battle Core Option.
We select the Queuing Battle Core Option.
We exit the Normal Server
We select the Battle Core Server
We enter the ID and PASS and select the Character

2. Entrance to Chaos Castle (Battle)

(1) The entrance to the Chaos Castle (Battle) will be done while inside the "Battle Core" server

(2) The "Armor of Guardsman" necessary to enter the Chaos Castle (Battle) will be sold at all the NPCs inside Loren Market.

(3) After the announcement of entry to Chaos Castle (Battle) right click on the "Armor of Guardsman" to enter the Chaos Castle (Battle).

3. Chaos Castle (Battle) Progress

The Chaos Castle (Battle) has the same operation as the Chaos Castle.

Number of Chaos Castle Participants

Maximum number of participants: 100
Maximum number of characters: 70
Minimum number of monsters: 30

Reward: Winning or killing a monster may randomly drop a reward.

4. Reward

(1) Depending on the level of entry to Chaos Castle (Battle) the reward may be different.

(2) By randomly killing a monster the "Guardsman Box" can drop

(3) The winner of the Chaos Castle (Battle) wins the "Guardsman Leader Box"

5. Ask for Reward

(1) Rewards obtained on the "Battle Core" Server can be requested on the general server.

(2) The Rewards will be sent to the new "Gemory Case" system within the general server.

1). Get reward

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
In the Normal Server Menu click "Receive Battle Core"
Select the Chaos Castle (Battle)
In the Normal server in ( Gemory Case) will be the Reward.

2). Reward Settings

The following items can be obtained from the compensation boxes.

Box Drop
Guardsman Box
Guardsman Leader Box
Bless of Light (Low)
Bless of Light (Intermediate)
Bless of Light (Intermediate)
Bless of Light (Advanced)
Bless of Light (Advanced)
Bless of Light ( Bundle )

3). Bless of Light

Item that increases the experience for a limited time.

Bless of Light


Blessing of Light details
Bless of Light (Low)
Increase + 50% Experience for 30 minutes.
Bless of Light (Intermediate)
Increase + 100% Experience for 30 minutes.
Bless of Light (Advanced)
Increase + 200% Experience for 30 minutes.
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