Jeweldry Bingo

2020-11-29 15:08:13

1. What is the Jeweldry Bingo Game

- It is a game whose specific objective is to create a line of Gems horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
- According to the number of bingo halls, a score and subsequent compensation will be given.

2. Object of the game

- The objective is to obtain the highest score by doing the largest number of bingo halls.

3. How to play

1) Card Piece

- Through hunting you can collect the Card Piece.

- Card Pieces can be collected automatically through the Mu Helper by checking the "Event Items" box.

- Card Pieces can be found in the event inventory.

- By collecting 24 Card Piece a Card Deck will be created and the game can be started.

Card Piece
Card Deck

2) Click on the banner

- Click on the Jeweldry Bingo Banner to open the game.
- If you have a Card Deck you can start the game by clicking the "Start Game" button.

3) Start Game

3.1 Placement of Jewels

- (1) Manually insert each Jewel into the board.

- (2) Select the Button to automatically insert the Jewels into the board.

3.2 Selecting the Jewels Box

- When all the Jewels have been placed on the board, 3 Boxes will appear.

- The order of appearance of the Jewels will depend on the Box you select.
(The reward will also depend on the Box selected)

3.3 Pair Jewels

- Select the Jewels that appear in the Jewels Box.

- When you create a line of Jewels of Vertical, Horizontal and diagonal Shape you will make bingo.

- You will earn a higher score if you are in bingo

- If the Jewels Box is at 0 the game will end.

- The score will depend on the number of Bingos.

3.4 Reward

- The Reward depends on the Box Selected in the Game.

- When exiting the game the reward will be sent to the Gremory Case (K).

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