Jeweldry of Pandora (Season 8)

2020-11-29 15:35:12

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1. About Jewelry of Pandora

- The system is to attract the blessing of the Jewelry of Pandora, after using the pandora pick in the mining areas (hereinafter called "mined areas") you will be able to earn a large amount of Jewel of Bless.
- Consumption and mining in the "mined areas" will reduce the durability of the Pandora pick which can be repaired by the Jewel of Bless.

2. Basic description of the Jewelry of Pandora

- Pandora's pickaxe can be purchased at the Bolo NPC that is located within the Karutan map.

NPC position
NPC name
Karutan (117, 126)
100,000 Zen

- Pandora's pickaxe will be equipped as a 2-handed item, at the moment of having it equipped within the safe zone, the mining areas will be shown.
- In the safe areas of Lost Tower, Tarkan, Aida, Swamp of Peace and La Cleon the mined areas will be visible.

Lost Tower safe area
Lost Tower minimap
Tarkan safe zone
Tarkan minimap
Aida safe zone
Aida minimap
Swamp of Peace safe zone
Swamp of Peace minimap
La Cleon safe area
La Cleon Minimap

3. Durability of Pandora's Pickaxe

- In mined areas there will be 3 different types of pandora cracks which can decrease its durability according to the type of crack.

- By chipping in the cracks that consume more durability you can earn much more jewels.

Mining Crack (BLUE)
Mining Crack (PURPLE)
Mining Crack (GOLD)
2 Durability Consumption
4 Consumption durability
8 Consumption durability

4. Pandora's Peak Repair

- First, you must buy pandora's pickaxe at the NPC "Bolo" on the Karutan map.
- The initial durability of Pandora's pickaxe will be 1, in that state it will be unable to use this system.
- The maximum durability of the pandora pick is 255 and can be repaired with the Jewel of Bless.
- Jewel of Bless in a +1, +2, +3 package can also repair Pandora's pickaxe.
- Jewel of Bless packs repair a certain amount of durability.

Jewel of Bless +1 = +40 Durability
Jewel of Bless +2 = +80 Durability
Jewel of Bless +3 = +120 Durability

- The use and repair of Pandora's pickaxe will be possible only within the safe zone of Lost Tower, Tarkan, Aida, Swamp of Peace and the Cleon.
- When you have the Pandora pick equipped, the mining area will be created and it will be possible to start the system by clicking the left mouse over the pandora cracks.
- The use of pandora's pick depletes the durability, the amount of durability consumption varies according to the type of crack to be chopped.

5. Stages of Jewelry of Pandora and Rewards

- Mining cracks consist of 5 stages.
- After each successful stage the won jewels will accumulate. (The cumulative amount of each mining rift is different).
- However, after failure at some stage the mining crack will disappear.

- The probability of success will go down according to the mining stage, the greater the number of stages, the greater the amount of jewel of bless will be obtained.

Stage of
Mining (1)
Stage of
Mining (2)
Stage of
Mining (3)
Stage of
Mining (4)
Stage of
Mining (5)
Pandora Gift
Mining Crack (BLUE)
1 Jewel
3 Jewels
7 Jewels
16 Jewels
33 Jewels
100 Jewels
Mining Crack (PURPLE)
2 Jewels
6 Jewels
15 Jewels
34 Jewels
67 Jewels
400 Jewels
Mining Crack (GOLD)
4 Jewels
12 Jewels
29 Jewels
65 Jewels
125 Jewels
1,000 Jewels

By clicking on the crack 5 times you will go up 1 stage.

6. Final Rewards

- After the success of all the mining stages you will be rewarded. (compensation is different from mining and the character will receive a warning when finished)

- Upon successful completion of all stages you will get a large amount of jewels of bless.
- Your ID / Mining Zone / Reward will appear in the center of the screen

Mining Crack (BLUE)
Mining Crack (PURPLE)
Mining Crack (GOLD)
* 0 * Jewel of Bless
400 Jewel of Bless
1,000 Jewel of Bless


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