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2020-11-29 15:46:09
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The Mu helper is an option added since June 30, 2011, its main function is the attack, I collect items and it is configurable according to the character you use.

The Mu Helper interface is located at the top left

Mu Helper Configuration
Starting and ending the Mu Helper
Mu Helper Stage
Mu Helper Time Bar

Some features of the system

Use from Level 80 (From the eX701 it can be used from level 1).
The Mu Helper consumes Zen for every 5 minutes of use.
The Mu Helper has 5 Stages.
Each Stage lasts 3 hours and 20 minutes.
By not having Zen in inventory the Mu Helper will be deactivated.
After finishing Stage 5 the Mu Helper will be deactivated.
Upon death the Mu Helper will be deactivated

Zen consumption

Level * 20 (Stage 1)
Level * 50 (Stage 2)
Level * 80 (Stage 3)
Level * 100 (Stage 4)
Level * 120 (Stage 5)

Quick start
Pressing the key the Mu Helper will start and end.


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