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2020-11-29 15:21:10

The Personal Store is a new feature from MU. It allows players to sell their items for a zen amount they assign to you. The Personal Store can be activated with a minimum of Level 6 and will remain open even if you are moving around the map.

Open the Personal Store

To activate the Personal Store you can press the "S" key on your keyboard or by opening your inventory and clicking on the treasure chest icon on the lower right of your inventory screen.

Open Personal Store

Name of the Personal Store (required)

Items to Sell in the Personal Store

Close the Personal Store

Open the Personal Store

Close the Personal Store Window

NOTE: You can price any item from 1 - 99,999,999 zen.

After you have placed the price and have indicated the items you want to sell and have your store named, you can open the store by clicking on the OPEN button at the bottom of the store staff. They will ask you for confirmation to open the warehouse.

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