Sistema Guardian (S14 EP2)

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1. Guardian System

(1) Guardian Items

- You can acquire the Guardian Items by buying the Boxes at the NPC "Moss" located in Elveland.

NPC Moss

(2) Description of the Guardian Items

- Guardian Items can be used from level 800 onwards.

- Guardian Items are equipped from inventory.

- The Guardian Items, when used, their durability is worn out.

- Guardian Items have a Normal option or an Elite resistance option.

(3) Create and Strengthen Guardian Items

- You can create the Guardian Items through the NPC "Trainer" located in Lorencia (122, 110).

- Guardian Items can go up to +15.

(4) Life Reduction and Recovery

- The Guardian Items have their life reduced depending on the time used and the options are not changed before the life reaches 0.

- The "Jewel of Bless" recovers 100% life from Guardian Items

- The Master Skill Tree option (Durability Reduction 3) does not affect the Guardian Item

2. Creation and Improvement of Guardian Items

1) Combination (Dark Horse and Dark Spirit)

Items Needed to create the Dark Horse
Items Needed to create the Dark Spirit
Soul resurrection
Soul resurrection
5 Jewel of Bless
2 Jewel of Bless
5 Jewel of Soul
2 Jewel of Soul
1 Jewel of Creation
1 Jewel of Creation
1 Jewel of Chaos
1 Jewel of Chaos

2) Combination (Phantasmal Steed)

Required Item
Required Item
Seal of the Phantasmal Steed
10 Fragment of Resurrection
Phantasmal Steed
5 Jewel of Bless

3. Raise the Level of Guardian Items

- You can only level up the Guardian Items from the "Trainer" NPC in the Guardian Enhancement option.

- The Items needed to increase the Level of the Guardian Items varies from Level above +10.

1) Guardian Items Improvement Process

Guardian Item Level
Successful Process
Process Failed
Level 0 ~ 10
Increase 1 Level
Reduce 1 Level
Level 11 ~ 15
Increase 1 Level
Level 0

2) Items Needed for the Improvement of Guardian Items

Guardian Item Level
Necessary Items
Level 0 ~ 10
Guardian Upgrade Stone + Jewel of Life
Level 11 ~ 15
Elite Guardian Upgrade Stone + Jewel of Life

3) Change Guardian Items Options

- You can only change the Elite options of the Guardian Items from the NPC "Trainer" in the Change Guardian Options option.

- It is required to have the Elite option of the Guardian Items to try to change or obtain a similar option.

4) Items Needed to Change the Elite Options of the Guardian Items

Required Item
Items Required
Guardian Item
Elite Change Option


4. Divide Guardian Items

- The Guardian Items can be divided from the option that is in the character's inventory.

- At the time of dividing the Guardian Items you can obtain the following items (Elite Change Option Pieces, Guardian Upgrade Stone, Elite Guardian Upgrade Stone)

5. Phantasmal Steed

1) Basic Information

- The Phantasmal Steed is a Pet.

- The Phantasmal Steed cannot be used simultaneously with other pets such as Uniria and Dinorant.

- However, it can be used simultaneously with the Dark Spirit.

2) Phantasmal Steed options

(1) Default options

- The Phantasmal Steed defaults to Attack Speed +7.

- The Phantasmal Steed defaults to Movement speed increase.

(2) General Options

- The Phantasmal Steed can get 1 to 3 options randomly.

Option 1
Increase Defense Lvl / 20 (Up to 1100 Level)
Option 2
Increase Damage / Wizardry Damage / Curse Damage Lvl / 20 (Up to 1100 Level)
Option 3
Increase Defense Elemental
Increase Elemental Damage

(3) Elite options

- The Phantasmal Steed can get 1 of the 5 Elite resistance types randomly.

Options / Element
Type 1 (Fire)
Bleeding Damage Resistance
Attack Reduction Resistance
Type 2 (Water)
Poisoning Damage Resistance
Attack Reduction Resistance
Type 3 (Earth)
Bleeding Damage Resistance
Attack Speed Reduction Resistance
Type 4 (Wind)
Poisoning Damage Resistance
Defense Reduction Resistance
Type 5 (Darkness)
Bleeding Damage Resistance
Defense Reduction Resistance


- The elemental options of the Phantasmal Steed will increase according to the Pet's Level.

6. Elite Zone

1) Description of the Elite Zone

- The Elite Zone is a superior hunt area where you will find stronger monsters with special characteristics.

- Elite Monsters will appear in the Elite Zone.

2) Atlans Abyss 3

- At the entrance there will be a flag symbolizing the Elite Zone.

- From Season 14 Episode 2 the Elite Zone is created in Atlans Abyss 3 where (Elite) Bahamut Abyss and (Elite) Lizard King will appear

- Elite monsters have Debuff Elite and Skills Elite options.

- If a character takes damage from an Elite monster, they will receive a 100% chance of an Elite Debuff being applied.

3) Elite Monsters

- Elite monsters have the same characteristics as Boss monsters, which have Debuff resistance.

- Elite monsters have Debuffs that apply a debuff effect to the character through their attacks.

- Debuffs applied by Elite monsters can be reduced with the Ghost Horse's resistance options.

Monster Fire
Bleeding debuff
Attack Reduction Debuff
Monster Water
Poisoning Debuff
Attack Reduction Debuff
Monster Earth
Bleeding debuff
Attack Speed Reduction Debuff
Monster Wind
Poisoning Debuff
Defense Reduction Debuff
Monster Darkness
Bleeding debuff
Defense Reduction Debuff

4) Drop Monsters Elite

- Elite monsters can drop exclusive items in addition to normal items through hunting.

- Some items dropped by elite monsters have a maximum number of drops and a maximum drop limit will be initialized weekly.

Drop Item
Elite Change Option Pieces
Collect 50 Pieces and you can create the Elite Change Option to change the Elite options of your Phantasmal Steed
Sealed Armor Sculpture Pieces

Collect 50 Pieces and you can create a Sealed Bloodangel Scratched.
The Sealed Bloodangel Scratched can create a Bloodangel +13 item.

Golden crest
Item Needed to create the Wings Level 4.
Guardian Upgrade Stone
Item Needed to raise the Phantasmal Steed Level from Level +10
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