Illusion Temple (Season 8)

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1. Illusion Temple

The Phantom Brotherhood and the MU Alliance have been fighting for 6 years to get the "Sacred Artifact".

After a long period of calm the fight is back, the fight for Illusion temple and the precious and rare treasures they contain begins again.

The Mirage is asking for help from its allies who send 5 heroes from the Mu continent to defend the Illusion Temple.

2. Form of entry.

NPC Mirage
Location: Loren Market (94, 137)

Entrance to the Illusion Temple is from NPC Mirage.

The NPC Mirage was moved from its Cleveland location to Loren Market.

Admission is free, it is not necessary to have the "Blood Scroll"

Mirage asks for a minimum of 5 people within a party to authorize their entry to the waiting room.

3. Renewal of the game

Cursed Stone Statue
Stone statue
Phantom Brotherhood Base
Mu Alliance Base

Mu Alliance and the Phantom Brotherhood when capturing the stone statues the Cursed Stone Statue will appear, which will release the "Sacred Artifact" upon registration.

When the Cursed Stone Statue appears and you register you can obtain the "Sacred Artifact".

With "Sacred Artifact" obtained you can capture the stone statues captured by your rivals.

If the character wearing the "Sacred Artifact" dies the "Sacred Artifact" will fall to the ground.

The Illusion Temple lasts 15 minutes, at the end of the time the team that has captured the most stone statues will be the winner.

4. Captured Stone Statue

Stone Statue Captured by Phantom Brotherhood
Stone Statue Captured by MU Alliance

4.1 Capture Time

Obtaining the Sacred Artifact
Possess the Sacred Artifact
Occupy Stone Statue
15 seconds
15 seconds
15 second


Upon entering your party you will be assigned a random team.

Phantom Brotherhood Team
Mu Alliance Team

6. Monsters

Within the event, monsters appear which obstruct your way throughout the map and use the Freeza power to freeze you.

Illusion Sorcerer Spirit
Illusion Sorcerer Spirit
Illusion Sorcerer Spirit

7. Level Required

Illusion Temple
Level Required
Illusion Temple 1
220 ~ 270
Illusion Temple 2
271 ~ 320
Illusion Temple 3
321 ~ 350
Illusion Temple 4
351 ~ 380
Illusion Temple 5
381 ~ 400
Illusion Temple 6
Master Level

8. Hours

The Illusion Temple is done only 1 time a day

21:00 GTS

8.1 Game schedule

Waiting position
Waiting room
Compensation Time
5 minutes
1 minute
15 minutes
1 minute

9. Skills

A) Direct access to the skills with fixed keys (A, S, D, F) is set.
B) Only the shortcuts with the fixed keys (A, S, D, F) are allowed, the system shortcuts are disabled.
C) There are 2 types of existing skills within the Illusion Temple

Normal + Mouse (Right Click): General Skills
Shift + Mouse (Right Click): Illusion Temple Skills

D) The obtaining of Kill Point when killing a monster or rival has been changed as well as the cooldown of skills.


Spell of Protection
Cost of use: 2 ~ 3 Kill Points
Cooldown: 5 Seconds
Mana: 30
function: Avoid 100% DMG, duration 15 seconds

Spell of Restriction
Cost of use: 2 ~ 3 Kill Points
Cooldown: 5 Seconds
Mana: 30
function: Paralyze the enemy for 15 seconds

Spell of Pursuit
Cost of use: 1 Kill Points
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Mana: 30
function: Teleports you to the character that owns the Curse Castle Water

Shield Burn
Cost of use: 2 ~ 3 Kill Points
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Mana: 30
function: Reduces the opponent's SD to 50%

## Using the Spell of Pursuit will move you randomly towards the character wearing the Sacred Artifact.

10. Mini-Map

Mini map

A) The visualization of the complete map is already available through the Mini-Map.

B) Through the Mini-Map you can determine the position of your party members.
C) Through the Mini-Map you can find the real-time situation of the stone statues of your allies and adversary.
D) At each waiting time for each round, the conditions of the stone statues appear on the Mini-Map.

White Icon: Normal
Red Icon: Mu Alliance
Blue Icon: Phantom Brotherhood


11. Compensation

The winning team wins the following items (Reward Jar, Rare Reward Jar) depending on the level of the illusion temple that participates.

Reward Jar
Rare Reward Jar
You can randomly win some of these jewels (Soul, Bless, Life, Chaos, Guardian, Harmony)
You can randomly win any of these prizes (Jewels, Excellent Items, New Items, Excellent Accessories).

Illusion Temple
Illusion Temple 1
Reward Jar
Illusion Temple 2
Illusion Temple 3
Illusion Temple 4
Illusion Temple 5
Illusion Temple 6
Rare Reward Jar
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