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Which skills to use for Combo to all classes

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In private servers all characters not only Dark Knight can use combo skill. Check list below for skill order to make combo attack.

Dark Wizard Combo

  1. Energy Ball
  2. Aqua beam
  3. Inferno

Fairy Elf Combo

  1.  Ice Arrow
  2. Aqua beam
  3.  Multi-Shot

Magic Gladiator Combo

  1. Fire Slash
  2. Power Slash
  3. Gigantic Storm

Dark Lord Combo

  1. Fire Scream
  2. Fire Burst
  3. Chaotic-Disaster

Summoner Combo

  1. Drain life
  2. Chain lightning
  3. Lightning shock

Rage Fighter Combo

  1. Beast UpperCut
  2. dragon roar
  3. Chain drive

Grow Lancer Combo

  1. Lunge
  2. Magic Pin
  3. Spin Step

Rune Wizard Combo

  1. Magic Arrow
  2. Plasma ball
  3. Lightning Storm

Slayer combo

  1. Pierce Attack
  2. Bat Flock
  3. Twisting Slash
  4. Pierce Attack


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